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In the construction industry, injuries are often both more likely to occur and more likely to be serious.

Since the late 1990s, work comp claims for some union construction workers in Minnesota have been governed by an alternative work comp system, known as the Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program (UCWCP). While the benefits available are the same as for any other Minnesota work comp claim, the process for resolving disputes is handled within the program rather than by the State of Minnesota. At its best, the UCWCP helps injured workers get easier access to high-quality medical treatment, rehabilitation, wage loss benefits and quicker return-to-work time.

If your work injury claim is covered by the UCWCP under the terms of your Union contract, you will be notified when you file a work injury claim.

Should You Hire A Lawyer?

Although the UCWCP can be a good alternative to Minnesota’s traditional workers’ compensation system for providing care and resolving disputes, no program is perfect. Problems can and do arise, and when they do, it’s a good idea to have a legal advocate looking out for your interests.

How Our Firm Can Help

At Bradt Law Offices, we are highly experienced in all aspects of workers’ compensation in Minnesota, including the UCWCP. There are four levels of escalation in the program’s alternative dispute resolution system, three of which can include the counsel of an attorney. The levels are:

  1. Intervention – A fairly informal process for getting questions answered or raising concerns. Attorneys are not usually involved at this point.
  2. Facilitation – An informal meeting that can lead to a formal resolution of the disputed issue. Attorneys can be involved on either or both sides.
  3. Mediation – The dispute is formally mediated with the assistance of a mutual third-party mediator. Lawyers are optional but recommended.
  4. Arbitration – A formal dispute resolution process in which the arbitrator has the same authority that an administrative law judge would have if the case were to go before the Office of Administrative Hearings. Attorneys for each party are required at this level.

Attorney Steve Bradt has more than 35 years of experience in Minnesota workers’ compensation law, including the UCWCP. He is prepared to vigorously represent your interests in facilitation, mediation and arbitration sessions, as well as any and all other disputes which might arise involving medical bills, benefit issues or settlement of your claim.

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